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Blow your mind at a world-class hands-on museum & community treasure
The Palace of Fine Arts 3601 Lyon Street San Francisco, CA 94123

I could wax lyrical about the Exploratorium all day. I could regale you with childhood memories of marveling at my own handprint in their giant pin-table, or hypnotizing myself with a special sensitive plant whose leaves folded up when you touched it, or gazing up at the beautiful dome of the Palace of Fine Arts, the only building left standing in its original position from the San Francisco Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915. I could talk your ear off about how the Exploratorium was originally founded by the wonderful Frank Oppenheimer, a physics teacher and cattle rancher, at least in part as a counterweight to his brother J. Robert Oppenheimer's invention of the atomic bomb. When it opened in 1969, it was the first museum in the world dedicated to teaching children about science through hands-on exhibits -- an idea that has since spread throughout the world to the point that we take it for granted! I could bore you to tears about how well the Exploratorium provides for the curiosity of both children and adults, for example with their innovative performance series, the Exploratorium After Dark.

But as Frank Oppenheimer might say, the best way to learn about something is to experience it. So please get yourself over to the Palace of Fine Arts and do a little exploring for yourself. The museum is moving to new digs in 2013, and I don't want you to miss it in its current incarnation.

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