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Hidden gem discovered while road tripping between Chicago and Detroit
10983 Hills Rd Baroda, MI 49101

I've driven the I-94 route from Detroit to Chicago and back many, many times while growing up in the Midwest. But it wasn't until last summer that I discovered the tiny vineyards that dot the landscape in Western Michigan. The Round Barn Winery is one of those amazing gems that make road trips worth it.

First, it's a combination distillery, winery, and brewery. There really is something for everyone to try. Every server was knowledgeable and friendly. The tastings were affordable and they even offered $$ off purchases if you purchased a tasting.

Our favorites were the Cabernet Sauvignon, West Highland Ale and Cocoa Stout. Don't miss tasting their DiVine vodka as well, it tastes especially good with the cranberry fruit wine (can you say Cosmo?).

Definitely worth a pitstop when you need a break from traveling along the freeway.

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