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Best club in Berlin and possibly the world
Rüdersdorfer Straße 70 10243 Berlin, Germany

I suspect we've all seen a movie in which the characters suddenly find themselves in an amazing warehouse/nightclub full of techno, (mostly) shirtless men, and a true dance-loving vibe. If you have seen this scene and wondered, "Where IS this place? How on earth do I get there?," Adam from the super travel blog "Travels of Adam" has the answer for you. Jump on a plane to Berlin, and figure out how to get past Sven Marquardt, the counterculture icon & photographer who rules the door at the famous/notorious/incredible nightclub called Berghain. The party runs from Saturday night through Monday morning, and I especially enjoyed the part of Adam's post when he says, "Berghain’s reputation almost guarantees that most Berliners will try to make it in at some point over the weekend. For me, I ended up running into a co-worker on the dance floor. (Though I’ll admit I didn’t recognize him without his shirt.)" Party central!

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