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An oasis of calm in a hectic commercial space
Westfield San Francisco Centre 865 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

Alright, those of you who know me know that I have a bit of a thing for high ceilings. It's easy to become jaded about the so-called "fun" of shopping malls and other busy commercial centers, but I want to nominate the gorgeous Emporium Dome in San Francisco's Westfield Mall as a place you can at least catch your breath amid bursts of frantic commerce. According to Wikipedia, the beautiful glass dome design originally dates back to the early 1900s, when it was designed by "San Francisco architect Albert Pissis, one of the first Americans to be trained at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris." The whole shebang was extensively restored and reopened to the public in 2006.

When I'm running errands downtown, I often invent an excuse to pass through the Westfield Mall just so I can spend a moment or two meditating in this wonderful space. OK, it has WiFi too, and they even provide comfy easy chairs - but go early if you hope to snag one - some smart mobile workers camp out here all day! And when you're done, be sure to check out the circular escalator at the other end of the building - two architectural wonders in one mall?! San Francisco, our cup runneth over!

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