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I have a soft spot for bakeries and cafes. So, a visit anywhere in the world always entails a search for someplace where the warm waft of baked goods or a delectable display case entices me. When I was visiting some friends in Bangkok, they introduced me to a nice respite from the traffic, heat, humidity, and crowds called the Bangkok Baking Company. If you wish to sit outside, there is a nice terrace with wooden chairs and umbrellas. Inside, it is cool and chic. Cookies, fancy chocolates, croissants, sandwiches beckon a hungry traveller. I personally love curry puffs and theirs did not disappoint. Their chocolate muffin and pad thai were also scrumptious. Omelettes and various other brunch-style items are also available off the menu. The coffee is good and comes with a cookie. It's nice to chill out there with a newspaper or magazine, available at the cafe.

So, if you need a break from the spicy but yummy Thai food and have a hankering for a big chocolate chip cookie or croissant, try the Bangkok Baking Company!

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